03 November 2012

Fall Wish List

Fall Wish List


Ahhhhh Fashion, it makes me happy, especially fall fashion! I live in Florida, so I am sure I just envy fall fashion, because I barely get to wear it. None the less, this is my fall wish list. I have grown up a lot in fashion through my 20's in realizing investing in a few nice pieces and slowly growing your wardrobe is better than buying a lot at one time.
Some of these items I've purchased already:
-The Military jacket - I got mine from Gap, on sale, there is a similar one here
- The black tote - I got off eBay, it is also perfect for travel and my computer can fit inside.
I am in search of a chambray shirt right now. There have been a few here and there that I've seen, but nothing I've fallen in love with. I love how versatile chambray shirts are: under sweaters, with skirts, under tees, or just by themselves. I have one I bought from Target, but it doesn't do what I want it to do.
Peplum is also one of my favorite trends right now. I have a few shirts and a dress that are peplum but this peplum sweater is C-U-T-E!
I wear the same diamond studs everyday. They were a gift from my Dad on my 21st birthday. But i really want a basic, small gold earring and these are precious!
I promise you, I was meant to live somewhere cold. In a cold, big city. Not sure how I ended up in the hottest and most humid state in the country:)
Have a great weekend!


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