16 November 2012

Friday Letters

Day 16: Today I am thankful for my sweet little Mammaw. She is easily my favorite person in the world (yes my husband knows this) and every minute I spend with her is so precious! She is the sweetest lady, can make you laugh and will tell you she knows how cute she is. Lots of pictures of our weekend together to come soon!

Adam :: I miss you everyday I'm away. We haven't been apart in almost two months and I was sort of getting used to that. I'm certain you are a bit happy for me to be gone so you can have some peace and quiet around the house, catch up on all your "man" shows and watch all the Sports Center and sports you want. And that's okay:). Just know you're missed. Thank you for the extra time in Ohio with Mammaw, I love that you know how much it means to me. I love you, always. xxoo
Mammaw :: I am so excited to drive to your house today and see you. I'm not even sure when the last time I was there, I know you've been to Florida a few times each year, but I am excited to see you and spend some quality time with you in your town.
Springfield :: I can not contain my excitement for all the dining around I am going to do once I get to you. I told Mammaw not to go grocery shopping as we will probably be eating out every meal!
Scheduling team :: I am so excited I got to see all of you in one spot yesterday. Our team is simply the best, I have never been a part of a better one. I am so excited for the year ahead of us!
Raquel:: I have loved being your roommate for two nights:) missed sleeping with TV's and bathroom lights on! I miss you ever day and wish we lived so much closer. cabsav:)
Jim and JoPo :: Thank you for your wonderful hospitality Wednesday night. Your cocktail hour(s) are the greatest! Hope to see you both soon.... FL Keys?
Delta Airlines :: Thank you for another stellar experience in flying! Your new safety video was funny and takes those first few minute jitters away.
Happy Friday Chickens!


  1. Thats so sweet, your Mum sounds like an awesome lady :) Hope you have a great weekend x

  2. love that your mammaw is your favorite person!! xo annalizbeth

  3. Yay to finiding another Florida Native!!! Your mammaw sounds so cute! Love your blog girl! Definitely your newest follower! Have an amazing weekend hun <3



  4. Awww miss you too :( let's plan a trip soon!