09 November 2012

Friday's Letters

Day 9 : Today I am thankful for my house. Adam and I bought our home almost 3 years ago and it as been so good to us. This weekend I will be in full Thanksgiving decorating mode and in two weeks, I'll be decorating it for Christmas. My house at Christmas time is my house in all its glory! Can't wait

Dear Adam :: Congrats on your Seminoles winning last night. You are so much more fun when your team wins.Its a good thing you put both helmets out last night. Can't wait to be in Tallahassee in two weeks, with all of our friends and see them beat the Gators! Also- I am very excited for date night Saturday, even though I know you are WAY more excited.Your Bond obsession is cute:) I love you.
Dear Campbell :: You can stop barking at every little thing, I know you are doing it to protect me because Daddy isn't home, but everything is fine, you can stop.... NOW!
Dear Tanner :: You made my night last night with your text bud! I am programming my SiriusXM Holiday stations in my car TODAY!!!!!!
Dear Mammaw- I am over the moon excited to see you next week after my work trip! You and I are way overdue for some quality "favorite grandchild" time. I love you to pieces.
Dear Friends/Acquaintances on Facebook :: The election is over, stop complaining. Nothing you post is going to change the outcome of this election.This is exactly why we are where we are today, divided. Those of you threatening to move to other countries, go, good luck. I can tell you the Caribbeans health care, economy and leader will be a mighty fine change for you.
Dear Kara :: the above letter is in your honor sister *wink* you're welcome.
Dear Leah :: I can't wait to spend some quality girl time tomorrow, it is much needed.
Dear Raquel :: I am so excited to see you next week. I so badly wish we lived closer, but our million texts and HeyTells have made the time pass easier/quicker since the last time I saw you. #cabsav
Dear Co-Workers :: I can't wait to see all of you in one spot next week and catch up! This is my favorite time of our year:)
Dear Christmas music :: thank you for keeping me company during my work day, especially you Michael Buble:)
::Happy Friday::

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  1. We will definitely be listening to Christmas music in the car tomorrow EEEEKKK! Can't wait love!