18 November 2012

countdown to 25

No, I'm not turning 25 . . . I wish! But today starts Disney/ABC's countdown to their 25 Days of Christmas!!!!
Today through November the 30th ABC Family will be showing movies to get everyone in the holiday spirit! Their actual 25 Days of Christmas starts December 1!
Here is the link to the countdown schedule !
Movies I am looking forward to on this countdown schedule include:
*Miracle on 34th Street
* Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory
*The Blind Side
* Mary Poppins
*Eloise at Christmastime
*Home Alone
*Richie Rich
*A Boy Named Charlie Brown
Some of these movies might just set me back to being 5 years aold again. I know "kids these days" haven't seen a lot of these, so I am so excited ABC Family is showing them. There must be someone "my age" behind this idea over at ABC, and I LOVE IT!
Stay tuned next week for my own 25 Days of Christmas for my household and our Christmas Playlist!!!
Enjoy, ya filthy animals!

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