07 November 2012

::The Fresh 20::

:: Day 7: Today I am thankful for The Fresh 20::
Good Morning!
Today my thankfulness shout out goes to The Fresh 20, and let me tell you why. At the beginning of this year I started on a journey towards a healthier me. I saw a number on the scale I was VERY unfamiliar with. I also wasn't happy with the way I looked.
In January I started working out with a personal trainer and health coach, they both helped me with my eating habits and helping me to start educating myself about whole/clean foods. My little brother is also a huge advocate of healthy, whole foods and has helped push me in that direction. Through all my research on whole food eating/living, I came across The Fresh 20.
The Fresh 20 is a meal planning service. It was founded by a wife/mother Melissa Lanz, who was sick of feeding her family take out and wanted to bring healthy/whole eating back to her dinner table.
I have an annual subscription, I bought a Groupon for it, but I think the yearly cost is around $50, you can also sign up for a 3-month plan to try it out. But let me tell you, its worth EVERY penny!
On Friday afternoons I receive an e-mail from The Fresh 20 letting my know the weekly menu is up on the site. I log into my account and there, listed under this weeks date is 5 meals, a shopping list and the nutritional information for all 5 meals. Each ingredient you buy, is typically used at least twice through out the week.    ::this I love, because before I found The Fresh 20, I would use an ingredient and then it would sit in the fridge until I tossed it::
I've made things I, #1 never thought I would make and #2 never thought I would eat. I mean, for a girl who gags at raw chicken, they had me roasting two chickens a few weeks ago, and I was pretty proud of myself!
Everything is delicious! I have the CLASSIC menu which consists of 3 meat meals, 1 seafood and 1 vegetarian meal. I'm not a huge fan of seafood, so on that meal, they show how to substitute with chicken. The other two menus are Gluten Free and Vegetarian.
I never have to think "what should we do for dinner", I don't have to go to the store 5 times during the week and I don't have to worry about whats going into my body because everything is a whole food/ingredient, nothing processed.
I typically drive to Whole Foods on Sunday, get everything on the list, and I'm even able to make a few things ahead of time on Sunday to save me time during the week. (the first page of the menu tells you what you can make ahead).
They have made my life loads easier and healthier, and for that, I am thankful!
If you are interested in this program, please visit The Fresh 20 here.
I'll leave you with what I made for dinner this week, whole wheat cinnamon pancakes with apple/cranberry topping...wooo weeee! Breakfast for dinner:)



  1. I've never heard of this, I am going to have to look into it!

  2. Just found a groupon and joined!!! Everything sounds so easy and tasty, thanks for the tip!!