13 November 2012

SiriusXM Holiday Stations

Day 13: Today I am REALLY thankful that SiriusXM has amazing holiday stations and they go live TODAY!

FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA! I was beyond excited when my husband and brother both confirmed that the rumor, SiriusXM has 8 holiday stations, was true! They released the stations last week and immediately ran out to my car to program them into my dash.
This is my first year with SiriusXM, I recently got a new car after my car of almost 7 years was ready to retire, (that was a hard day in my life) but I will be overjoyed to not have to keep popping CDs in and out of my dash throughout the holidays.
Here are the stations I will be tuning into this season . . .

Here is the link to SiriusXM for all the stations, their descriptions and the channel numbers!
Next week: My Christmas playlist:) I would post it this week, but I feel its just too early, even though I've been listening to Christmas music since last week!

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