06 November 2012

American Girl

Day 6: Today I am thankful to be an American (girl)! I am thankful that I live in a country where I have the right to vote for the leader of our country, for national and state amendments and for other government officials. Most countries in the world can not say that. And many women in many countries are punished and some killed for voicing what they think and what they believe.

My heart was broken to hear the story of Malala Yousufzai, a young girl, teenager even, from Pakistan, who was shot for campaigning and voicing her belief in education for girls. EDUCATION FOR GIRLS! Something, I, my entire life have taken for granted. I went to public school from Kindergarten through twelfth grade and then went on to receive my bachelors at a large University and never once, until now, the last few years in my twenties, realized the amazing privilege that this right here in our country is, to have a free education.

Malala has been campaigning since she was 11, trying to encourage other Pakistanis to take a stand against the Taliban . And now at the age of 15, is lying in a hospital recovering from an attack on her school bus. At 11 and even at 15, I wouldn't have even been able to tell you the importance of education, as I was probably complaining about it, my teachers and homework! And here this little girl is standing up for herself and others. This girl, she will move mountains.

I am so proud to live in this country, to have a voice and to have a voice as a woman. Today go stand up for yourself and VOTE (if you haven't already) I always wait until Election Day to vote, there's just something about it. Something about having "the" sticker on "the" day!




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