27 November 2012

The Laws' 25 Days of Christmas


This picture started this idea. It was taken the year Adam and I met and we had just become friends. We decided to do something "Christmasy" each day. This day was clearly Starbucks Holiday drink day and put an obnoxious blow up Santa outside his house!

Every year I try and get the most out of Christmas I can, and the past few years I have failed to do all the fun things I had planned to do. Well this year, I am making a list and making big plans. Here is the list (as I have it now) ::

The Laws’ 25 Days of Christmas

1. Watch Prancer
2. Starbucks Holiday Drink Date
3. Bring donations to Metropolitan Ministries
4. Dress Campbell up for Christmas Card sticker picture
5. Watch Elf
6.Send out our Christmas Cards
7. Put our lights up outside
8. Go to Busch Gardens Christmas Town
9. Spend a day at the beach in December (since we are in FL and can)
10. Watch Home Alone 1 & 2
11. Go to a church service leading up to Christmas
12. Watch Christmas Vacation
13. Go Christmas Shopping
14. Go to Lowry Park Zoo's Wild Wonderland to see the Reindeer, lights and penguins
15. Go to MGM's Osbourne Family Christmas Light Display (and ride Tower or Terror a few times against Adam's wishes)
16. Go to a matinee movie at Cine Bistro
17. Watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
18. Bake Cookies
19. Watch the Polar Express
20. Christmas Dog "Pawty" at Hyde Park Village ( and get Cam's picture with Santa)
21. Go to Celebration's Now Snowing and dinner
22. ICE at Gaylord Palms
23. Wrap presents
24. Go to Christmas Eve service at St. Lukes
25. Epcot's Holiday's Around The World and Candlelight Processional
*Spend Christmas Day soaking up all the family time we can* 
The first couple of these I plan on doubling up on other days because I am gone the first few days in December for work. But hey, I can wrap presents while watching a movie :) The movies are actually being shown on those days on ABC Family click here to find their schedule.
Hope this gives out a few fun ideas for Christmas celebrations!


  1. This list makes me want to move back to Tampa!

  2. I want to go to Christmas town together!

  3. I also think you should add take Avery to see Santa somewhere in there!

  4. I want to go to Christmas town together!