03 May 2013

Friday's Letters - Birthday and Baby edition

Dear twenties: its been fun. I'm a little sad to see you go but I am very excited to be moving along. You were full of fun, memories and self exploration. I am coming out of you a whole new woman. Through you I have learned what the important things in life are. I have learned what relationships are truly important and to get the most out of life that I can. Without you, this wouldn't have been possible. Thank you for all you brought me and all the lessons learned.
Dear thirties: Hello :) I never thought I would look forward to you, and in fact as of a couple of months ago I was dreading you. But through lots of soul searching, I am very excited to be entering you as a completely different person. One full of more confidence, more self appreciation and as a woman who finally feels like she has her act together. Do be kind.
Babies: I am so excited you are no longer a secret and the whole world knows about you. We've been on quite the journey these past 14 weeks, full of celebrations and scares. But our most recent celebration was your tests results coming back "beautifully" as the nurse put it. From what we can tell, you are healthy, healthy, healthy, and we couldn't be happier! You stay in there and cook as long as possible.
Adam: thank you for waiting on me hand and foot for the past 3 months, and even more now. Thank you for being at every single appointment and emergency, you're the greatest partner/husband a girl could ask for. I am so excited for my birthday getaway next weekend, its just what I need! I love you more than words could ever say.
Momma: thank you so much for coming this week/weekend and cleaning all my closets and reorganizing everything. You are amazing! This is making my life so easy. Love you!
Leah, Bre, and Keri: i am so excited to see you tomorrow for brunch and pedis. You are great friends and your friendships mean the world to me. xo
blog friends: thank you for all your sweet comments and e-mails about our big announcement! Excited to have you all follow along!
here's to 30,

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  1. Yay! Love every. single. letter. Can't wait to see you today and tomorrow!