10 May 2013

15 weeks


How far along: 15 weeks
Weight gain/loss: 0 lbs. back up to 136 after losing here and there(starting weight 136)
Maternity clothes: Still loving my gap yoga pants
Sleep: Sleeping a little better than last week but still have ligament pains
Best moment this week: For the first time yesterday I had no pain or pressure! Wahoo!
Food cravings: Soups!, fruit, peanut butter crackers, sweets (weird) and still my beloved smoothies
Food aversions: still meat:( too big of a bite or too big of a portion on my plate also sends me into a dry heave spell. Wednesday night hubbs brought home Chipotle that was so excited for but the size of that bowl sent me over the edge.
Movement: none yet
Gender: still guessing boys ( i think because hubbs keeps calling them boys or calling them by the boy names we've picked)
Symptoms: still lots of ligament pain and some pressure.
Looking forward to: seeing the littles today at our high risk appt! This is set to be a long appointment since its the anatomy test. Checking those lungs, brains and hearts. Then we are off on our little much needed vacation to Amelia Island!!!  Yes, we switched hotels last minute. We really wanted to try a new Ritz but we just love the Amelia Island location, its our ultimate favorite and will more than likely be the last time we go back just the two of us.
Hope y'all have a great a weekend and spend time doing something you love!

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