24 May 2013

Friday's Letters

A: every day I love you more and more. Your endless support, love and optimism with this pregnancy gets me through every single day. I am so excited to have these boys come into the world and be raised by you. You are an amazing man. I love you.
babies: its time to fatten you up, eat up boys!
body: please cooperate and keep these boys in there until 34 weeks. I will do everything in my power to give you what you need.
mammaw: I am so excited to see you on Saturday, even if its for a quick visit. I miss you and can't wait to hug you.
to our military past and present: thank you for your selflessness and love for our country. You and your families are thought about everyday and hold a big place in my heart.
3 day weekend: thank you for being here, I've needed you.
online orders: I wish you were getting here today, that would make for a fun weekend treat.
laundry: can you do yourself? I can put you in the washer and dryer and as long as you can fold and put yourself away.
happy memorial day weekend!

linking up with Ashley from The Sweet Season 


  1. Congratulations on being pregnant with twins!! And boys?? That is so fun!

    And I hear ya on the laundry!! Worst chore ever! ;D

  2. Stopping in from Fridays Letters :)

    CONGRATS on your twins! I have a twin niece and nephew and they are amazing! Praying your pregnancy is going well and that your boys stay put for a long while {but not too long!}

    ...and that plea to your laundry. Yea. I am with you.

    happy friday!

  3. I love the Letters but my favorite is the letter to the mr & too those sweet babies :)