17 May 2013

16 weeks

How far along: 16 weeks
Weight gain/loss: +1 lbs. at 137 (starting weight 136)
Maternity clothes: Still loving my gap yoga pants, and the Gap flat from shorts {pictured above}! I now want them in every color
Sleep: Sleeping a little better than last week
Best moment this week: Found we are having BOYS!!!!!!!! and of course shopping for them and getting those sweet little packages at the door and holding those little clothes. They are precious and I am now obsessed with boy clothes!
Food cravings: Soups, french fries, cantaloupe, strawberries (at night with a sprinkle of sugar for dessert) and fudgesicles.
Food aversions: still meat, and big portions or big bites
Movement: none yet
Gender: BOYS!
Symptoms: still lots of ligament pain, some pressure and severe back pain.
Looking forward to: We have another high risk appointment on Monday for cervical length and extremities measurements. Plus measuring their bellies to watch for TTT {details below}.

Baby/momma medical update: I figured I would do these as I have appointments so I can keep track of what happened when. Last Friday when we went to the high risk doc my previa had improved! The weekend I went to the hospital is was full previa. The week after that when I went to my OB it was then considered a "low lying placenta" and was .5mm from my cervix { the length my placenta and cervix should be from each other is 2cm}. Last Friday at the Peri {high risk} it was 1cm, improving.  But it left behind a blood vessel that is right on top of my cervix and baby A's umbilical cord is partially attached to it. This is not harmful to the baby, but can cause me to bleed and if it stays there I will 100% have to have a C-Section as its very dangerous to me.
Baby A's umbilical cord is also low on my placenta. They want both UC's to be right in the center the placenta for ample nourishment and blood flow. With twins this is a larger concern because this is can cause TTT {Twin to Twin Transfusion} which is where one twin takes all the food and blood supply leaving one with next to nothing. There is a procedure that can be done for this, but the 3 doctors that do it (in this country) are in California, Ohio and Miami. I wont go into the surgery that has to be done if this happens, because I am thinking positively and not even going down that road.
Both boys measured great though. Both were 5oz/ 4 inches and both of their stomachs were the same size, which is good and means they are both sharing properly {clearly my kids} :) They will just need to be monitored very aggressively every other week.
*I also went into my OB yesterday with severe back pain and pressure. I of course went in sobbing being terrified of TTT and pre-term labor. Everything checked out fine {my previa moved even more and is 1.5cm away...almost there!} and the boys were great! my pain is just from being preggers with Twins, which eased my mind. That I can deal with:)

That's my update for now! While I am so nervous to buy or register for anything, we are going to start this weekend! Heading out to buy our dresser and get that set up. YAY! Here are a few pics from our 16 week appt.


hope y'all have a great weekend!
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  1. Bless your heart sweet girl! I hope everything turns out ok! You are very much in my thoughts & prayers.. I am glad you found out that they was boys! That alone is exciting :)

  2. I am so excited for you and lots of prayers your way! Everything will be just fine! ENJOY this time! When you start feeling them move- its priceless. xoxo