06 May 2013

Weekend Update

This weekend was my 30th birthday weekend. And while I've always pictured this weekend in my head to be a blow out, crazy weekend, life has changed that idea quite a bit. Being pregnant means no tequila on Cinco de Brittany and being pregnant with twins means I was so excited to just lay on my couch. How times have changed.
Friday my mom was in town and she tackled me closets in the house for me. This was a job I was going to do on weekends with my down time, but Dr. restrictions have put a hold on that. So Mom, to the rescue. As I sat in my office and worked Friday, she cleaned out my loft closet and moved my office closet in there, moved the guest room closet into my office closet and cleared out the guest room closet (that will now be the nursery) and the closet in that hallway for extra storage for all things babies!  I am going to do a post tomorrow on the closets and my idea for the twins closet!
Saturday three of my girlfriends, my mom and I went to brunch and went for pedicures. It was so much fun! We laughed until we cried. My mom went home that afternoon and hubbs and a spent the afternoon on the couch, then ordered pizza for dinner and watched the Derby!
Sunday {birthday day} we woke up early, made breakfast, and headed to the beach for a bit to get me out of the house. {Now I know I'm about to get slammed by all the northerners} When we got to the beach, we quickly realized it wouldn't be a typically FLA beach day. It was really windy and the wind was cold. {Temp said 77, but the wind was freezing, I promise} we stayed for about an hour and half and then drove home. We then spent the better part of the afternoon on the couch, again, napping off and on. When we {we meaning me and littles} we headed to Wine Exchange (one of my fav local spots} and had a delicious dinner. It was a great day. I have always dreaded turning 30, but as a got closer, I embraced it and now I am so excited to be in my thirties!
this weekend we are headed to Naples for a staycation to celebrate both our 30th birthdays. Very excited for this tiny get-a-way. {Dr.'s approval pending, we go at 8am friday morning}
happy monday everyone!
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  1. Enjoy yourselves! You need all of the rest you can get now! Trust me.