16 May 2013

Closet/Loft update

Moving my office to the loft has been a long time coming. It's a project we've wanted to do since last year, but with news of the twins, it pushed us to get it done. A few weeks ago my Mom came into town and re-organized almost all of my closets, making this possible.
So, here is the loft with my office moved in:
those shelves to the right and middle will look more like the shelves to the left in the very near future. {once hubs moves his "man things" out. Yes they are being evicted} We were also going to sell the leather couch that was in the loft, but know that moving in the next few years, we will want that one day. So this ended up working nicely.
here is the wall a bookshelf we moved from my office out into the loft {by the closet}
I LOVE my new little space, and also feel not so secluded in a room all day.
Now, the twins closets. We had a few companies out Monday and we think we reached an agreement on who we will be going with and here is what the design looks like:
....and we're doing this little number in the garage since the existing shelving fell... on my car. {no damage, thank GOD}
I am so excited to get started on this nursery, I can't stand it. I've been online shopping my face off for all these cute little clothes and they are all starting to arrive and make me just melt when I open them.
See  you tomorrow for 16 week update and gender reveal!

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