09 May 2013

Sad Day for my backyard

Today is a sad day for my backyard. I left around lunch time to run some errands and as I was pulling out of my neighborhood, this bad boy was out of his pond and roaming our street. It went to a few neighbors front doors for a bit and then would move to the next. {Needless to say I didn't get any of my errands done since I followed him around}
I ended up calling the wildlife hot line to report this as this is the third time it's happened in a week and I just couldn't bear something happening to a child or pet. My HOA director had to then call them back and let them know they were okay to put out traps for the two gators that are clearly getting too big for our pond.
The gator control guy just called me to let me know he will be out in the morning to get them. My heart broke. And after our lengthy conversation {mainly because of all my questions} on how this was all handled, I got off the phone and immediately started crying {and I'm still crying as I write this, while my husband shakes his head at me}. I know, I know, what the hell am I crying for?{ mix of being an animal lover and pregnancy hormones} These gators {until now} have been so fun to watch in our backyard pond and {I'm sure} have helped keep some other bad animals away.
These two gators have been here since we moved in almost 4 years ago. I will miss them, but know its time to remove them when they get too friendly/brave.
good-bye little friends. You've been fun to have around.
{my fingers are crossed you don't meet the state requirements to be put down and that you are released somewhere else}

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  1. They will be safe.....wherever they go. Hey, maybe one is pregnant and is hormonal and just needing to get out for a bit!!! Love, Aunt Marsha