13 May 2013

Our Wonderful Weekend

I am very late to the Monday party, sorry. I had a busy little day with work, had two closet companies out to give us quotes on our nursery closet and I had to run to the high risk doc for blood work. My amazing husband had the day off so he did most of the closet stuff AND moved my office into the loft and helped get these rooms moved around. Whew!
This weekend was amazing. We had a high risk appointment Friday morning that turned out to be more than we expected! We found out the gender!!!! If you follow me on Instagram then you already know but I will be posting it on Thursday with my 16 week update along with our high risk update.
My previa has gotten a little better, not where it should be but better, so I was allowed to head to the beach for a mini vacay with hubbs. We went to Amelia Island here in Florida and stayed at the Ritz Carlton there. Its one of our favorite places to be and we have our own little routine there.
{view from our room}
Friday we sat by the pool when we arrived then headed to one of our fave local spots there in Fernandina Beach, 29 South, which is simply delicious! I took a risk and ordered the chicken and after two bites was quickly reminded of why I shouldn't have done that. My side of mashed potatoes ended up being my dinner. Oh well. We'll try again this week.
Saturday we started our day with the amazing brunch at the Ritz. I took down biscuits and gravy like a college football player AND their famous sticky buns. They are the only Ritz property that make these and they are out of this world. When I told our waitress that I had been craving them for a week she let me in on a little secret that her husband was the pastry chef and brought that recipe to the property 17 years ago. Dang is she lucky. When she brought us our check she gave me an envelope with a congratulations card (for the babies) and tucked inside was this secret recipe. I squealed out loud in excitement!
We then headed to the pool for the rest of the afternoon before retiring to our rooms for the afternoon for naps (around 2:30, ha). Saturday night we had reservations at the restaurant on property, Salt, that happens to be one of our favorites. They makes tons of different salts, different flavors and tell you how to pair them with your meal. My favorite is was I call "campfire salt" it smokey and taste like its been sitting over a campfire.
{campfire, citrus, salt/pepper combo}

{oh yes, and they celebrated my birthday with house made sweets}

If you dont already know this about me, I have a salt obsession. I love it. I can literally eat it alone. This will end up being a problem in a month or so when I start to swell from the stuff. Especially since the sweet server sent me home with two flavors on her.
Sunday morning we ordered room service (breakfast in bed) for breakfast and then sat on the beach for awhile before heading home.
{my ultra cute hubby}

{soaking in the morning ocean}
I needed this weekend so badly. I have been on my best behavior since being put on modified bed rest and I needed a little time off my couch and outside.
what was your weekend filled with?

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