03 May 2013

Week 14

 How far along: 14 weeks
Weight gain/loss: -1 lb. from 136 to 135. (starting weight 136)
Maternity clothes: just some great yoga pants from Gap, I am going to wear these even when I'm not pregnant, they are awesome!
Sleep: getting up 2-3 times a night to pee and woken up by ligament pain here and there
Best moment this week: Getting to see babies on Wednesday! We got to see them very quickly, as we weren't scheduled for a sono, but since I had a little trip to the ER last weekend, they are monitoring my Previa. Monique (my sono tech) says I dont have full blown Previa yet, but I am close. The distance from my placenta to my cervix is 5mm and it should be 2 cm. So I am still on all my restrictions. Have I mentioned how much I love Monique, and how smart she is? She instantly makes me feel better and explains EVERYTHING!
Food cravings: Beach Bum smoothies (strawberry, banana, dark choc), honey bbq fritos, lots and lots of fruit, salads. (oh yes, and those first two, the smoothie and fritos, I can't have one without the other) where has my food cleanliness gone?
Food aversions: still chicken :( and too much of anything. I made dinner three times this week. YAY! BUT when I went to eat it, I have one or two bites, then have to walk away from the table, usually dry heaving. I have no problem making the food, and get really excited to do it, but when it comes time, I start thinking of all the ingredients and I lose it. Looks like we;ll be eating out for a few more weeks.
Movement: none yet
Gender: my guess is boys
Symptoms: a little bit of pain and pressure (Dr. says its round ligament pain) still nauseous at some smells and dry heave every now and then due to smell, thoughts of some foods and eating too much (eating too much being 4 bites of dinner)
Looking forward to: a few things: my 30th birthday is sunday, next weekend we are going to Naples for a mini vacay but before we leave on friday we are going to our Peri doc for another appt and another ultra sound! which might tell us the gender, if not, hopefully we will find out when we go back on the 20th!
happy weekend chickens! and happy Cinco de Brittany :) have some tequila for me!


  1. I hope you are able to eat foods again soon sweet girl! I feel bad for you none the less :(

  2. Yeah! This is going to be fun!